5. Overview of Configuration via SMS

You have the option of starting from scratch with a totally blank VP3-TM device and configuring it entirely via SMS messages. Normally, commands including configuration changes can only be sent by a known user in the phone book whose credentials include commands allowed. But if the device is brand new and totally blank, then there are no known users. There is a special command usable one time only when there are no known users.

The command Owner=”My Name” is used to claim ownership of the VP3-TM. The name must be enclosed in quotes when sent to the VP3-TM’s phone number. If recognized, the reply will be “Welcome”. At this point, the phone number from which the owner command was sent is automatically entered in the phone book with the command qualification set to “yes”. This user may then proceed to send additional commands.

One of the important settings that should be sent early on is the site name.

Objects may be defined, and alarms configured for those objects, entirely via SMS. The various commands for doing so are detailed later in this user guide.

Protocol settings will also need to be made. In this case, protocol settings for polling a Modbus holding register are illustrated. The means of setting protocol parameters for BACnet is similar.

And with that, this i.Report is up and running.

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