12. Remote Commands and Queries via SMS

12.1. Available Commands and Queries

All of the commands detailed in Section 11 of this user guide are available via SMS except where noted. In addition, object configuration, user configuration, and user group configuration, may all be done via SMS by a user who is enabled for sending commands (command=yes in user definition), and provided the session is unlocked if a password has been set.

12.2. Message STOP

If a user replies “stop” via SMS, then no further text messages will be sent to that user. Those other users selected as admin will be notified when a user replies “stop”. The notification will include the stopped user’s phone number.

Note: An automatic stop will occur if too many errors are encountered in attempting to send text messages to a given user. The same stop notification will be sent to admin when this happens, but the notification will indicate automatic due to errors rather than stopped by user.

user 1,start=yes
Will un-stop the given user number. A user may simply send “start” to restart their own messages. This command is intended be sent by admin to override a user’s “stop” and restart messages to that user.

Will un-stop the sending user if previously stopped.  The SMS session does not need to be unlocked in order to use “start”.

12.3. Claiming Ownership of New Device

owner=”John Adams”
Configuration of a brand new device using configuration mode via the console connection will be the most efficient way to configure a larger number of points. But for a very simple configuration, it is possible to commission a brand new device strictly via SMS. To start this process, the caller must establish themselves as the owner. Without any predefined users, there would otherwise be no way to send commands to the device. If the monitoring device has never before been configured, i.e. no users and no objects exist, then the owner command may be used one time only to establish the caller as the owner. The phone number from which the owner sent the owner command will be captured as the user’s phone number, and the given name will be assigned along with that number as user #1. This user will be assigned to group #1, and all possible options will be set/enabled. Note that this command can only be used one time. Once used, the same user must continue with configuration or one must connect via the console. If a quoted name is not found following owner=, then the device will behave as if the owner command had never been received and remains open to another use of the owner command. If the owner command is accepted, the reply will be “Welcome”. If not successful, there will be no reply just as there is with anything received from an unrecognized user.

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