Appendix H. API Mode

Enter API mode using “sys apimode” Once in API mode, only the API commands are recognized, and mostly they will forward command strings directly to the cellular modem operating in API mode.

DO NOT attempt to use API mode without first consulting Control Solutions technical support. You could cause the cellular modem to become inoperable with an incorrect sequence of AT commands.

Will exit API mode and return console to normal command processing

cmd …
Will send a single AT command. This requires that the iReport exit data mode with +++, maintain guard time, and send the command. Maximum guard time is 1.7 seconds, defaulting to 1 second as shipped. The command timeout defaults to 10 seconds, but firmware will exit command mode with the ATCN command instead of wait. A carriage return is appended to each command before sending.

data …
Will send data to the modem that will then automatically open a data connection and send the data string provided. A carriage return (0x0d) is appended to the string provided, and the ATTD=D must have been used to set the terminator to carriage return. (Firmware includes the ATTD command and it is automatically send setting the delimiter to 0x0D.)

Note: Without a terminator, the modem will potentially send the message in fragments.)
Note: The data string is NOT delimited with quotes like most other strings in configuration use.

The following sequence will send an SMS message:
                data,Hello World

Note that ATAP=0 is the default setting and is assumed to be in effect. Without ATAP=0, commands cannot be sent.

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