Appendix D. BACnet Object Properties

D.1       Analog Value, Binary Value Object Properties

The following properties are found in the Analog Value and Binary Value objects. Some properties apply only to certain object types as noted where applicable.

Property Encoding
Object_Identifier (75) BACnetObjectIdentifier
Object_Name (77) (W) CharacterString
“Analog Input n
Object_Description (28) (W) Character String
Same as Object_Name, is only alias for Object_Name
Object_Type (79) BACnetObjectType
analog-input (0)
analog-output (1)
analog-value (2)
binary-input (3)
binary-output (4)
binary-value (5)
device (8)
multi-state-input (13)
multi-state-output (14)
multi-state-value (19)
Present_Value (85) (W)

REAL (analog objects)
ENUMERATED (binary objects)
Unsigned (multi-state objets)
(no index)
(priority required when writing commandable objects)
(input objects writeable only when out of service)

Status_Flags (111) BACnetStatusFlags
BIT STRING: fault(1), out-of-service(3)
Event_State (36) BACnetEventState
ENUMERATED: normal(0), fault(1)
Reliability (103) BACnetReliability
ENUMERATED: normal(0)
Vendor specific:
See Section 15.7.2.
Out_Of_Service (81) (W) BOOLEAN
Units (117) BACnetEngineeringUnits (analog objects only)

D.2       Device Object Properties

The following properties are found in the Device object of the VP3-TM30 or VP3-TM70.

Property Encoding
Object_Identifier (75) BACnetObjectIdentifier
Object_Name (77) CharacterString
Object_Type (79) BACnetObjectType
device (8)
System_Status (112) BACnetDeviceStatus
Vendor_Name (121) CharacterString
Vendor_Identifier (120)

(should always return 208)

Model_Name (70) CharacterString
Fimrware_Revision (44) CharacterString
Application_Software_Version (12) CharacterString
Protocol_Version (98) Unsigned
Protocol_Revision (139) Unsigned
Protocol_Services_Supported (97) BACnetServicesSupported
Protocol_Object_Types_Supported (96) BACnetObjectTypesSupported
Object_List (76) BACnetARRAY[N] of BACnetObjectIdentifier
Max_APDU_Length_Accepted (62) Unsigned
Segmentation_Supported (107) BACnetSegmentation
APDU_Timeout (11) Unsigned
Number_Of_APDU_Retries (73) Unsigned
Device_Address_Binding (30) List of BACnetAddressBinding
Database_Revision (155) Unsigned

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