i.Report VP3-TM User Guide

1. Safety Notice, Warranty, Required Information

2. Introduction to VP3-TM Remote Monitoring

2.1. What Can You Monitor?
2.2. What Sort of Notifications Can You Receive?
2.3. How Do You Set Up Notifications?
2.4. Multi-User Notification Scenarios
2.5. Where To Start?
2.6. Device Specifications

3. Alarm Examples

3.1. Example: Tank Level Percentage
3.2. Example: Simple On-Off
3.3. Example: Enumerated State
3.4. Example: Alarm Escalation

4. Overview of Configuration via Tool Software

5. Overview of Configuration via SMS

6. Configuration Tool: Getting Connected

6.1. Connecting, Reconnecting, and Disconnecting
6.2. Read All and Write All Configuration
6.3. Using the Command Console
6.4. Verifying SIM Activation
6.5. Using the Toolbar Tools

7. Configuration Tool: Data Objects

7.1 Object configuration
7.2 Alarm configuration
7.3 Alarm message formatting
7.4 Protocol configuration

8. Configuration Tool: Protocol Settings

8.1. Modbus RTU - VP3-TM10
8.2. BACnet MS/TP - VP3-TM30
8.3. Modbus TCP - VP3-TM60
8.4. BACnet IP - VP3-TM70

9. Configuration Tool: Users

9.1. The Phonebook
9.2. Password Locking

10. Configuration Tool: User Groups

11. Console Commands and Queries

11.1. Site or Device Level Commands and Queries
11.2. Data Object Commands and Queries
11.3. User Commands and Queries
11.4. Group Commands and Queries
11.5. Protocol Commands and Queries - Modbus
11.6. Protocol Commands and Queries - BACnet

12. Remote Commands and Queries via SMS

12.1. Available Commands and Queries
12.2. Message STOP
12.3. Claiming Ownership of New Device

13. Configuration Script Files

14. CSV File Import/Export

14.1 Using CSV Files to Speed Configuration
14.2. Data Object CSV File Format
14.3. User (Phonebook) CSV File Format

15. Diagnostics and Trouble Shooting

15.1. Sending a Test SMS Message
15.2. Testing Alarms
15.3. Testing Communications - Modbus
15.4. Testing Communications - BACnet
15.5. Diagnostic SMS Queries
15.6. Signal Strength Indication
15.7. Fault Codes
15.7.1. Fault Codes - Modbus
15.7.2. Fault Codes - BACnet
15.8. Restart Codes
15.9. Connection Error Codes

Appendix A. SIM Card Activation

A.1. Activating TracFone Service on AT&T Network
A.2. Activating TracFone Service on Verizon Network

Appendix B. Modbus Slave Register Map

Appendix C. Modbus Protocol Reference

Appendix D. BACnet Object Properties

Appendix E. BACnet Codes

Appendix F. Hardware Details

F.1. LED Indications Common to All Models
F.2. LED Indications for Modbus RTU on VP3-TM10
F.3. LED Indications for BACnet MS/TP on VP3-TM30
F.4. LED Indications for Modbus TCP on VP3-TM60
F.5. LED Indications for BACnet IP on VP3-TM70
F.6. Wiring Connections
F.7. Opening the VP3-TMxx Device
F.8. Jumper Settings
F.9. SIM Card Replacement

Appendix G. Virtual Objects

Appendix H. API Mode

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